Personal Finance is Personal is a weekly publication on all things money. Topics covered, but not limited to, are: investing, budgeting, getting out of (bad) debt and our relationship with money.

This newsletter’s raison d’etre:

  • Explain financial topics in an easy-to-understand way, without dumbing them down (hard to do)

  • Empathise that everyone’s circumstance is different and the typical 5-10 rules from financial gurus won’t cut it in this ever-changing world.

  • Build a community where money is no longer a topic we only discuss with our banker but one that encourages more open discussions.

About the author

Personal Finance is Personal is written by me, Jason Pompon. I decided to write about personal finance because I have struggled for years to manage my own money properly. To fix this problem, I read many books on the topic, and even though I’ll always be a student, I feel like I got a good grip on it.

When I get questions from friends and family on the ‘money’ topic, I always wish I had a specific resource to point them to. Well, now I do.

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Jason Pompon

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